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Luminet offers a wide array of products in order to enhance the functionality of your Luminet system. We offer many accessory products such as wireless headsets, conferencing units, cordless telephones and paging systems. We will help you understand the options that will best meet your needs and with a vast inventory will deliver your product promptly or otherwise assist installing the solution.


Jabra and Plantronics are the two major providers of high quality wired and wireless headsets and accessories. Luminet offers its business customers a wide range of hands-free solutions featuring a variety of benefits such as remote answering.

These products are safe and electronically encrypted to guarantee the privacy of each call and offer excellent reach, thereby improving employee mobility, not to mention great comfort, exceptional audio quality, outstanding durability and energy efficiency.

Cordless Phones

Whether for large multi-zone facilities, outdoors or for local use, we have the solution, NEC offers multi-cell systems or wifi based systems and digital cordless phones for local users. Our VoIP solutions in use on our Dimension 10 hosted platform employs voice over wifi or IP based cordless phones.

For long range analog cordless requirements, EnGenius Technologies design cordless phones with the longest range in North America.

Door phones

A door phone is used to handle two-way communication between building entrances and the telephone system. Visitors are required to press the call button which generates a distinctive ring on the desk phone. When the call is answered, a two way communication is established and optionally, the door, if locked and equipped with an electric door latch, may be opened from the desk phone by way of a code.

Paging Systems

A corporate paging system (PA system) is comprised of a sound amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to speak over areas such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail environments, cafeterias and open offices.

These systems may be connected to the telephone system in order to permit accessing the paging system from the desk phone.

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