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Whether you’re planning a move, a renovation or an upgrade of your telephone system, Luminet Solutions will help you optimize these changes. Luminet’s experienced team of professionals will answer each of your questions and guide you through the evaluation and selection process. We will take charge of your project and deliver it in a timely, professional manner while on budget.


Each Luminet expert has many years of experience and is trained to respond to your telecommunications needs. Our specialists ensure the proper maintenance and support in order to avoid having to deal with service interruptions or system failures.


Luminet specialists will train end users and system administrators on the use of your new system and its applications and will offer assistance on an ongoing basis.

Configuration & Installation

Our team follows a rigorous deployment process that includes a detailed needs analysis, system design followed by the configuration and installation of the telephone system, cabling, and any of the other necessary equipment.

In order to ensure your system is running smoothly, a post installation adjustment period of 30 days allows for tweaks and changes to the initial set up.

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The Luminet Solutions support centre is at your disposal 24/7.

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Let us assist you, 24/7!