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Luminet Solutions can handle all of your business’s cabling and network needs. Having Luminet look after your cabling installation guarantees network stability and reliability, allowing for optimal performance.


All of the cabling for each telephone, computer and printer is performed and connected according to standard cabling practices by factory-trained, experienced technicians.

Server room cleanup

The Luminet team provides its customers with server room design and configuration and moreover, if your server room has become a cobweb of patch cords and dangling cables, we will get it organized and looking like a brand new installation again.

Networking & Wi-Fi

Luminet Solutions offers your organization state of the art data networking equipment.

We will come up with the best solution for your computer and telephone network, including switches, routers, and WiFi equipment such as antennas and access points.

Are you ready to take you technology to the next step? Contact Us

Are you ready to take you technology to the next step?