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3 Tips On How To Choose Your VoIP Provider

3 Tips on how to choose your VoIP provider

because not every VoIP system is created equally

The move away from traditional on-premise phone systems with landlines turned a corner when Covid shutdowns moved staff to the work-from-home reality. Businesses became all too aware that these older phone systems are rigid and cumbersome and not designed for running a business remotely. VoIP, cloud-based phone systems, not only offer cost savings, but they also make your phone system and all its features available from anywhere.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to move your business to a cloud-based phone system, how do you choose your VoIP provider? What are the key points that require your attention? Deciding without examining a few keys elements may lead to disappointment. There are many vendors to choose from, and it can be a confusing process, especially when you cannot easily pull the veil back on what is behind the new phone or software application.

The decision is an important one for your business, and you want to make the most informed choice. It is not something you want to move on hastily and then go through the process again after a few months if you’ve chosen the wrong solution or provider.
Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing your VoIP provider for your business.

Quality of the Solution

Identify what you are looking to derive from the VoIP system. What are you looking to improve, and what features do you need the system to offer? Some solutions offer only basic telephony features, while others may offer more extensive features but do so through add-on modules that may be costly or not work well with the core system.

What is under the hood?

What is powering the VoIP solution being offered? Because your visibility into the nuts and bolts of the system is very limited, and the VoIP world is to an extent akin to the wild wild west! It is important to do your homework in order to properly understand what is behind the shiny new phone. Important questions include: Where is the solution hosted? Is it within your own country, and if it isn’t, are you okay with your data residing elsewhere? What type of server solutions power the VoIP system? Are there redundancies built-in? How and with whom are the phone lines delivered? How will your facility/users connect to the system? How is security addressed?

What if You Need Support?

Are you looking for personalized support where over time, you develop a relationship? If you work with a large national organization, you may not receive that personal attention. What if you need the availability of technical or training personnel to visit your office to provide support? Many VoIP firms do not offer on-site support, or if they do, it may be through third parties.

In conclusion, before you choose your VoIP, prepare two lists, one with questions and another one with your need. Take your time to speak with the company, and be sure that the company will answer all your questions.

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