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ASrial view of two buisness people discussing 2021 Business Trends over a laptop computer.



Restrictions will still be around, heavily affecting small and medium-sized enterprises. However, they have an advantage over the big corporations: A smaller size means potential for quick shifts of focus, be they in service delivery, marketing, or team structuring. The quicker small businesses can pivot and adapt during these ongoing turbulent times, the higher their fitness and success will be. – Ruben Crawford, Empowertale Ltd

Virtual Efficiency and Productivity Experts

Small businesses will need efficiency and productivity experts that specialize in virtual teams. During the pandemic, every business has faced being forced to digitize, virtualize, and dematerialize. There are huge opportunities to help businesses recover from lost revenue and use new technology more effectively with virtual teams. – Mike Koenigs, The Superpower Accelerator

Investments In Infrastructure and Customer Engagement

Next year will pay dividends to small businesses who invest wisely now in themselves and their customers. The small businesses that are operating out of fear right now will face even more fear and losses to competitors who are investing in their infrastructure and customer engagement to stay relevant now. Do not let fear drive you. Find the opportunity and capitalize. – Dhru Beeharilal, Nayan Leadership, LLC

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