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4 Reasons You Need A Disaster Recovery Plan

4 Reasons You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

As we all have learned in a harsh way, the world is unpredictable, and disaster could strike at any time. Planning a disaster recovery plan to mitigate negative events permit you to protect valuable data and the core applications that power your business.
The following situations are real-life disasters that have greatly impacted businesses.

1. Natural Disasters

Natural events such as storms, fires, and floods can all do irreparable damage to your business and jeopardize it as 80% of companies that close for more than 5 days never reopen, so getting back on your feet is crucial in the event of a natural disaster.

2. Hardware Failure

If your hardware fails, it can destroy or corrupt your data. Well-considered measures, such as cloud-based or off-site storage, add protection, as it is unlikely both locations will be struck simultaneously

3. Human Errors

Employee errors such as forgetting to save changes, accidentally deleting an important document, or unplugging the wrong device could lead to a significant loss for your company. Training helps reduce errors, and again, off-site back up systems add protection.

4. Cybercrimes

Cybercrimes are likely your largest threat and are on the increase, with most businesses affected at some point. A virus or ransomware attack could lock or delete your data, bringing your business to a standstill resulting in significant loss of sales, profits and brand reputation. A disaster recovery plan will include steps to recover from a cyberattack, keeping your data safe and accessible.


The disaster recovery plan, in the end, ensures your ability to serve your customers. Being off-line for any length of time may result in the loss of valuable customers to a competitor. No business is immune from the risks noted here, and a disaster recovery plan will help reduce the fallout and get your business back on track quickly.

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