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Woman in Purple outfit in front of her computer with her hands covering her face due to Zoom fatigue.

5 ways to combat ‘’Zoom Fatigue’’

Zoom fatigue relates to the exhaustion your feel because of overusing online video conferencing. It can happen even when you run the best meetings while working from home in comfort with the kitchen a few steps away from you. It does not matter how awesome the conditions may be, everybody suffers from it on occasion as a health psychology matter. So how can you reduce the factors that contribute to this newly minted condition? Try these methods:

  • Switch to a voice-only meeting occasionally, you know, like the old way.
  • Have fewer meetings and catch up with a team chat on a particular subject.
  • Try to make your meetings shorter and more concise. Try sending the agenda in advance so people can prepare their questions and comments in advance.
  • Don’t multi-task during meetings. It is tempting to check emails and texts to stay abreast of things but aside from the obvious disrespect for the others, multitasking is bad for you. It drains your brain’s energy reserves, leading to more fatigue.
  • Try standing during your video meetings.
  • Try to have a minimum break of 15 minutes between meetings to catch your breath and during long meetings, look away from your screen from time to time, or minimize the window to give yourself a break.
  • If your team members are agreeable, turn off your video. According to research, seeing your own face, especially your own negative expressions on video, can be exhausting, so to avoid this, turn off your own video once in a while.

In moderation, video chat is a wonderful way to keep us connected. Not only workmates but contacts around the world. So, the next time that ‘’Zoom Fatigue’’ kicks in, try some of these coping ideas.

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