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A Solution For A Busy Medical Clinic

A solution for a Busy Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic

A local medical clinic needed a solution to manage the ever-increasing number of calls from patients attempting to schedule appointments. This call volume was more than their staff and the existing phone system

were able to adequately manage. Callers to the clinic were receiving busy signals or were being placed on hold for extended periods of time with the calls being lost or callers hanging up before being able to speak to someone.

The solution was to install a fully managed, cloud-based VoIP phone system. Calls are now placed into manageable queues to ensure each caller is responded to adequately and placed into a queue where the caller receives estimated wait time updates. In order to add convenience to the process, a callback feature was activated that permits callers to maintain their position in the queue while hanging up allowing the system to call them back when their call reached the front of the queue. As well, the hosted VoIP system permits allowing any number of simultaneous calls to be processed removing annoying busy signals that often result in lost business or client frustration.
As a result, the clinic’s client satisfaction rate has increased considerably, the staff are less stressed and the clinic is not subject to the complaints that the old system and way of working generated.
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