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Business woman looking at a laptop with a virtual meeting with her colleagues - Non Download Video Solutions

Advantages of a No-Download Video Meeting Solution

Not all video meeting systems are created equal. Some video meetings might take a number of steps just so participants can join. The extra time and effort required adds frustration given all the applications employees have to deal with every day.

Browser-based solutions bring meetings down to the basics.

Here is how:

  1. Invited participants simply click on the link which is usually provided in an email. This will open the meeting in their default browser and all they have to do is enter their name, configure their microphone and video, and they’re all set.
  2. Browser-based video meetings, especially those powered by Google Chrome, have all of the features available to desktop and mobile users. This means users have the freedom to join via any device or mode while maintaining essential functions such as screen sharing, white boarding and more.
  3. Launching a browser-based video meeting is as simple as opening your browser. Through the browser, users have access to HD video and audio without needing a separate application.
  4. Browser-based video meetings rely heavily on the security of browser providers, which means that they are backed by Google, Apple, and Microsoft.
  5. Adding a new tool or app to your desktop is a just another headache. Now consider the need to force clients to do the same. This happens when they receive meeting invitations based on solutions they have never used before.

Allowing others to join hassle-free improves the entire meeting experience. No need to learn a new user interface or set of features.  Just click a link and join the conversation!

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