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An Integrated Phone Solution For A Seniors Residence

An Integrated Phone Solution for a Seniors Residence

Senior’s residence complex – Delivering reliable telephone, wired and wireless internet to the residents

A large senior’s residence needed an integrated phone solution to efficiently offer centralized telephone and internet service to the tenants living in the facility. Tenants had previously been required to order, on their own, telephone and internet service, and manage the account and the services themselves.

The integrated phone solution provided includes a fully managed wired and wireless internet and telephone service. Not only were wired internet needs met but further enhanced with Wi-Fi throughout the facility. At the same time, we integrated the telephony requirements of the tenants into the centralized solution with management and administration. Also, the centralizing of services has permitted a reduction in cost to the tenants, given the power of the economies of scale.

The result is a centralized, fully managed, and robust telephone, wired and wireless infrastructure. This dramatically facilitates setting up residents as they arrive in the facility and provides positive cash flow for the residence.

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