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Ethernet cable - Why choosing the right Ethernet cable matters

Why choosing the right Ethernet cable matters

We live in an increasingly wireless world, but wires form the backbone of any enterprise system. That’s why choosing the right Ethernet cable is critical. Ethernet has been around for decades and is now known as the standard Internet wiring system. If…

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Lindsay Ridell receiving another award - Luminet honoured for sales leadership

Luminet honoured for sales leadership

It feels good to be recognized once in a while. Luminet Solutions recently received an NEC Sales and Marketing Leadership Award from NEC Corporation of America. The award was presented at NEC’s annual Advantage Executive Conference held in Phoenix, Arizona,…

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Would you use self-destructing email?

Patent watchers have been abuzz with talk of AT&T’s claim to have invented email that self-destructs. It sounds great for security, but how useful would it really be? “Method, System, and Apparatus for Providing Self-Destructing Electronic Mail Messages” is U.S.…

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Iphone with smashed screen and an after image of the same iphone with a good replaced screen

How to make millions on smashed iPhones

It’s all too easy to break your smartphone. One fumble and it could meet an early demise through a head-on collision with the floor. But a California startup is offering house calls for butterfingers, promising to make your iPhone, iPod…

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