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Saving With A Business VoIP System

Saving with a Business VoIP system

Real savings when using a business VoIP phone system

Getting started with a business VoIP system does not require a large investment, and the cost savings add up over time.

Business VoIP enables companies to save money in at least two ways:

1. Direct Costs Savings of Business VoIP

To install a traditional phone system, a company has to invest in new business phones and PBX hardware. These one-time expenses are generally amortized over a number of years. PBX installations are an expensive proposition and are complex with significant on-premise incursions. With cloud-based VoIP systems, upfront equipment costs may be as little as zero. This because all it requires is a computer or smartphone to run the VoIP application.

With on-site PBX systems, there are ongoing expenses such as maintenance, and most notable of all are the annual software support fees and the fact that within a number of years, the system will go end-of-life and costly upgrades or replacements will be required in order to maintain support. In the case of hosted VoIP, support and software fees are included in the subscription plan. Usage fees are also significantly lower since most vendors offer unlimited long-distance calling within Canada and the United States which account for the bulk of most phone calls.

2. Indirect Costs Savings of Business VoIP

With business VoIP, employees are able to take phone calls regardless of their whereabouts. This allows them to work from anywhere, a practice that can save a company thousands of dollars in office space and related costs such as utilities. Some employees have proven to be much more productive when they are in a relaxed, quiet environment rather than a crowded office with frequent interruptions.

In addition, VoIP has advanced features such as instant video calling and web meetings with smartphone-enabled applications. This allows teams to collaborate on projects as needed reducing the need for costly travel and related expenses. Practices which are being imposed on us now but we all know will be with us for the long term given what that we have all seen how incredibly efficient the new normal is.

The choice of a digital tool including the phone system has long-term consequences for growth and profitability. The difference in costs alone between traditional phone service and business VoIP is substantial. When you include the productivity improvements, efficiencies and flexibility provided, it is more clear than ever that business VoIP is the better choice.

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