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Businesses Of All Sizes Are At Risk Of A Cybercrime

Businesses of all sizes are at risk of a cybercrime

You may think your business is not a target because you are not a large company, but SMBs are the most vulnerable since they tend to have less protective security in place. Ransomware affects 62% of SMBs and 32% of larger organizations, according to the Beazley Breach Briefing 2020. Ransomware can have a significant impact on companies who least expect a cyber-attack and have yet to develop proper cybersecurity planning.

Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to infiltrate a network via security flaws in order to harm innocent victims. The overall number of new vulnerabilities in 2019 increased by 17.6% compared to 2018 and 44.5% compared to 2017, according to a vulnerability study by Imperva. These numbers are alarming, and this upward trend is likely to continue.

According to Proven Data, ransomware has proved to be a lucrative business for many organized cybercrime groups, boasting as high as $2 billion in revenue, according to Secureworks. Since one of the main objectives for cybercriminals is financial, you can understand why they are continually looking for ways to penetrate business networks.

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