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Iphone with smashed screen and an after image of the same iphone with a good replaced screen

How to make millions on smashed iPhones

It’s all too easy to break your smartphone. One fumble and it could meet an early demise through a head-on collision with the floor. But a California startup is offering house calls for butterfingers, promising to make your iPhone, iPod or iPad as good as new.

Founded in 2010, iCracked is based on providing a simple service: if you damage your phone, they’ll come and repair it in front of you while you wait. The company also buys used mobile devices.

The repair cost ranges from $70 to $220 depending on the device and the damage, but customers seem very willing to cough up the cash. iCracked has seen explosive growth, expanding its presence to 11 countries and growing its repair staff to 350 technicians, or iTechs. It’s adding 50 to 70 iTechs a month.

“We are extremely diligent in who we bring on and who represents us as a company…we background check every single one of them,” 25-year-old co-founder and CEO A.J. Forsythe told CNBC. “We have a five-step interview process. We have a sales team that will vet them at different stages of the process.”

The firm had revenues of $2 million last year and expects to hit $10 million in 2013. With over 1 billion smartphones in use, it has plenty of room to grow, and already has plans to service Android and other non-Apple handsets, as well as launch an insurance business.

Now isn’t that an idea you’d love to see on Dragons’ Den?

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