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Managing Calls For All Canadian Operations

Managing Calls for all Canadian Operations

A Communication Solution for an International Transportation & Logistic Company

International transportation and Logistics: Centrally managing calls for all Canadian operations with call centre queues for many departments

An international transportation and logistics company was looking for a solution to replace unsupported and decentralized traditional phone systems installed in their Canada wide operation centres. Additionally, a solution was required to effectively centralize call answering at one location and to create call queues and ring groups for the various departments.

The solution was a new cloud-based VoIP solution that met all of the requirements. The 1,000 plus calls per day are now answered and managed centrally. Every call answered is properly distributed to call queues for each department with an automatic overflow to ring groups that ensure that every customer call is answered by a live person.

The result is improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Also, system management for all users and offices across the country is managed by a single interface resulting in dramatic savings in time and efficiency.

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