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Phone bills: Do you really need what you’re paying for?

Many Canadians believe they pay too much for cell phone service. But a recent government-commissioned study found that Canadians pay fees that are neither high nor low compared to mobile fees in Australia, France, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S.

Mechanical-CalculatorCalculating whether your business is paying a fair fee for telecommunications, however, is another matter. A crucial question is whether you’re actually using the services that your phone company is charging you for.

At Luminet, we meet with new clients to consult with them about whether they have the right services. We review their current bills from the telephone company to check for accuracy, the status of their contract, and how much they’re actually paying.

Our experience suggests that most clients are not paying for the services they actually need. Companies typically add services such as phone lines to meet their requirements. These may be: extra lines for peak periods or lines that may have been ordered for credit-card terminals that are now IP-based, or fax lines for fax machines throughout the organization that are now centralized through a fax server; lines for modems acquired in the era before high-speed Internet; or even extra lines listed in the phone directory, which are all charged as extras but are in fact no longer required with the Web.

Our consultants can point out your excess charges while making sure you keep the services your organization needs. Our telephone systems also allow external devices to be managed centrally. We are able to connect fax machines, credit-card terminals and modems to our systems to use the existing services more efficiently.

The result is often significant savings on communications outlays. How much are you paying for your phone lines?