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Have the same setup in office and at home

Making your workspaces look as similar as possible, at the office and at home can help improve productivity. From how you position your desk and chair to the drawers where supplies are kept, it is a good idea to aim for consistency across both locations.

Create time blocks in your calendar

Getting into the habit of blocking out time in your calendar helps make hybrid routines more consistent and augments visibility into the availability of team members. As you plan your schedule, make time for all your daily tasks, including blocking off time for things like lunch and commuting.

Coordinate your in-office visits with your team

If you decide to work in the office one day and the rest of your team is working remotely, it is a lost opportunity for face-to-face time.

Although virtual collaboration can be very productive, there are times when getting together in-person may be beneficial. It’s a good idea to try and hold important meetings in-person, and teams will benefit from coordinating the days they work in the office.

Invest in mobile accessories

Whether you are working from your desk at the office, the kitchen table, a coffee shop, or even the cottage, that you will need all your accessories in order to work effectively.

It is a good idea to have a second set of all the mobile devices such as wireless mouse, laptop charger, docking station, etc., so that wherever you are, you’ll have everything you need to plug in and get to work.

Prioritize video meetings

The end of full-time remote work should not mean the end of video meetings. As we’ve seen over the last 20 months, there are benefits to turning on the camera for both professional and casual meetings with clients and colleagues. While the office portion of hybrid work brings you into closer contact with others, there will always be value in the connection and non-verbal elements video meetings can convey.

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