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Local business shop window with an 'Open' sign representing the voip system for a retailer


With multiple sites and the need for a robust, modern retail communications system that would not only facilitate efficient communication between employees but also enable improved customer service, needed a software solution to replace their outdated PBX. Furthermore, IT and Operations were seeking a new solution that would help the company cut costs on telephony.

As a company renowned for its progressiveness as well as its customer service, its outdated phone system was no longer sufficient to support these aspects. Their software and hardware support had expired, old equipment was proving expensive to maintain, and the total cost of the end-of-life Nortel systems including networks and telco services was costly to operate.

With hundreds of employees, multiple locations, and a steadily growing business, the company was in desperate need of a more modern communications solution that could supply them with additional features at a lower cost. IT and Operations considered alternative solutions from their existing supplier but found they were unable to match the functionality and cost savings that 3CX could provide.

More Features, Fewer Costs

The client was able to quickly and easily deploy the solution for over 200 extensions without any disruption to the business. They were able to utilize their existing network infrastructure for further cost savings and more pain-free installation.

The company is now enjoying:

  • Interoffice connectivity with common systems across all stores
  • Significant cost reductions on monthly telco bills
  • Increased staff productivity through an extension to extension dialing and video conferencing.
  • Positive impact on organizational efficiency through the use of call centre functionality and also the smartphone and web apps
  • Employees adjusting quickly to the new system without issue.

The new solution met the budget needs while delivering significant operational gains. Should they need to expand the phone system, they can easily do so with unlimited extensions being a distinct VoIP advantage.

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  1. […] One of our newest clients specializes in the food packaging and distribution business with their traditional family values such as respect, openness, team spirit, innovation and commitment to excellence that are incorporated into their business processes.   After an unsuccessful attempt of installing a new VoIP solution with a competing firm, we were called in to proper analyze the situation and come up with our recommendations.   After visiting the site, it became apparent that new data cabling was going to be required to adequately support a VoIP system, not to mention the related improvements for the data network. In addition, a new managed data switch with PoE (power over ethernet) was installed to power the new IP phones and to permit managing the virtual voice-data networks over a single data cable.   Luminet’s professional services were instrumental in reviewing the needs and special requirements along with personalized user training to ensure that the benefits of the new system are fully realized.   The difference between a failed deployment and a successful one came down to doing the homework and not cutting corners while making recommendations that helped ensure a positive outcome.   Have you been disappointed with your VoIP deployment?   If so, contact us, we can help you. Here are some additional case histories for you: HEATING COMPANY CUTS COSTS WHILE IMPROVING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCTIVITY USING VOIP RETAIL STORE CHAIN DEPLOYED A VOIP BASED 3CX SOLUTION ACROSS ALL ITS LOCATIONS […]

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