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Reduce your environmental footprint with VoIP!

Old phone room
Old phone room

Did you ever imagine that changing your phone system will be a step forward to reducing environmental footprint? Doing something green is about doing what you can to help the environment. This may include leaving less of an environmental footprint as relates to your business phone system. Here are some green benefits that hosted VoIP systems deliver compared to traditional, on-premise systems.

Everyone is aware of the number of electronics we dispose of as we upgrade and update everything electronic. This is no different in the telecom field as it relates to phone systems.

The Phone Room

As we upgrade old phone systems, we see first-hand, the mountain of old PBX units and circuit boards collected and then sent off to be recycled. But in fact, a trip to the recycling facility shows that they are just collection points. The electronic devices and parts are sold to scrap brokers, who ship the cargo to developing nations for deconstruction. We won’t get into the conditions that workers who perform this work are subjected to.

A significant environmental advantage with a VoIP phone system is that there is no longer a need for that bulky equipment that we used to install in the phone room. This means that system updates and upgrades no longer means boxes of old equipment being dumped into the recycling bin.

Desk phones

Instead of a physical desk phone, you may elect to use the integrated softphone that will reside right on your computer, tablet and smartphone further reducing the environmental impact.

But if you do decide to use a new VoIP desk phone, it will follow you into the future as most VoIP systems are non-propriety based that permit the use of open IP phones. So as a result, the lifespan of the devices is much increased and automatically gets updated with new features as the core system is enhanced.

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