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Teams Integration

If your organization uses Microsoft Teams for chat and video meetings and you would like to integrate the missing piece, being telephony, we can help you.

Our solution brings you a Teams solution on steroids!


Whereas Teams has significant phone system limitations and comes with a hefty price tag our enhanced version brings you all the powerful features your business needs at an affordable price point.

Users have the option of using the Teams interface as their preferred device and users that may not necessarily use the Teams interface, have the option of using a deskphone while maintaining complete communications connectivity with the rest of the organization.

Advanced features that we are able to provide in the Teams environment include:

  • Automated Attendant​
  • Call Queues
  • Call Recording and Reporting
  • Call Forwarding Options and Simultaneous Ringing
  • Device Flexibility
  • Group Call Pickup and Forward to a Group​


Make your business ready for any work situation. Contact us to make work from home easier than ever!

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