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Who Should You Buy Your Next Telephone System From?

Who should you buy your next telephone system from?

Like in any other industry, knowledge and experience are important criteria when selecting a vendor/supplier of products or services. The telephone industry is no different especially as the technology shifts slowly to IP/VoIP from traditional analog/digital based systems. Experience with traditional services…

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Desk Phones: IP Vs. Digital

Desk phones: IP vs. Digital

When choosing an on-premise telephone system, an important decision relates to the type of desk phone you will select. But let’s begin with the differences between these technologies. Digital Phones Digital telephones were an evolution of the old analog telephones…

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Why Change Your Phone System?

Why change your phone system?

For many companies, especially smaller ones, the idea of moving to a new telephone system solution is not a priority. Perhaps the “if it ain’t broke, why fix it” adage is at play here, or perhaps the value proposition is not clear.…

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Many vendors suggest removing desk phones in favour of a softphone. What are the benefits and what are the pitfalls? Manufacturers that make a lot of money selling desk phones will likely say that it is beneficial to keep them,…

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What Is VoIP In The Business World?

What is VoIP in the business world?

The acronym VoIP is used frequently when referencing business communications, but what does “VoIP” mean and what roles does it play? VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, is a means of transmitting voice communications from one point to another that differs from traditional analog…

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