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Move to VoIP


One of our clients had previously implemented a Microsoft 365 solution, that enabled a more dynamic workforce, and the ability to work simply and securely from any device or location. However, communication was still a challenge with a traditional phone system in place, which needed to be upgraded. Challenges included limited phone system capabilities and no abilities to operate in a mobile fashion.

To address these issues, we recommended implementing a cloud-based VoIP solution using Microsoft Teams. This solution enabled users to make and receive calls from any location, from any device.

Microsoft Teams voice licenses were provided to give users access to a full phone system, and audio conferencing. This allowed our client to remove their existing phone lines, and utilize a solution that only requires an internet connection to use – this resulted in overall cost savings.

Costly and immobile traditional phones were replaced with wired/wireless headsets, and mobile apps were installed on all users’ devices. This allowed for users to easily transition between working in the office and working from any remote location without the need to divert incoming calls or make outgoing calls from a non-company phone number.

As a unified communications solution, Microsoft Teams has also enabled instant messaging, video conferencing and virtual meetings, both with internal and external users.

One of the key benefits was the integration of Teams into the existing Microsoft 365 ecosystem, allowing for simple sharing of data through Teams and the ability to collaborate on projects from a single portal.

Project Benefits

  • Improved communications regardless of location and device
  • Collaborative working capabilities and full integration of the phone system into the existing Microsoft 365 environment
  • Reduction in costs by eliminating expenditure on phone lines and service call charges
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