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Stay Connected With A VoIP Solution When Returning To The Office

Stay connected with a VoIP Solution when returning to the office

Businesses started looking for VoIP solutions when the COVID-19 outbreak forced us all into lockdown and offices were shut down all, or in part, we struggled to find our way, working from home as we lacked the tools to do so effectively. Zoom video conferences become the standard for interacting with your customers and colleagues while the phone system either followed or was abandoned with Adhoc call forwards and patches to respond to customers. Businesses started looking for VoIP solutions.

Here are three reasons why returning to work with a VoIP solution will benefit your company.

Split Office Time

As a slow transition, many companies are implementing a hybrid work model. Employees are organized into groups, and they alternate office and work-from-home days. A VoIP solution for business means employees can be reached on their softphone or their smartphone wherever they happen to be!

Keeping Your Distance

Even though you’ll be back with your colleagues, you still must keep your distance. It is nearly impossible in most offices to have group meetings with everyone staying 6 feet apart. Instead, employees can use group chats, conference calls, or virtual meetings. A hosted VoIP solution will keep everyone connected while sitting safely at their workstations.

Second Wave

So you have everyone back in the office, and business is running smoothly. Then suddenly, the second wave of COVID-19 hits. Your company can not afford to close again, and operating as you did during the first wave will not cut it. A cloud VoIP solution will still have you sending them home, but this time they will be fully operational.

Are you going back to the office soon?

Now is the time to equip your company with a VoIP system for a business solution that fits your needs and budget. Call us, we are ready to help you.

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