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The Value Of Using A Vanity Number For Your Business

The value of using a vanity number for your Business

Businesses that use easy to recall vanity numbers increase client response by 25–50%, combined with call tracking tools, improves your advertising ROI.

Although web advertising and social media are popular advertising options, you should not forget your telephone services because some prospective clients just want to call you. These numbers are very inexpensive, costing pennies per call received and integrate easily into your VoIP system.

Here are the top five reasons why vanity numbers are important:

  • They are easy to commit to memory; think of 1-800-FLOWERS. Think of using your company name, product or service. Many businesses have their phone number on their vehicles, allowing passersby to remember the number easily.
  • They are professional for new businesses attempting to build brand recognition.
  • The right vanity number tells clients who you are and even what you do. Examples being 1-800-GoFedex or 1-888-MATTRESS
  • They enhance your ability to market your business across the country, and these numbers can be set up to ring directly to a person, department or automated greeting.
  • They improve your return on investment as inbound calls have been found to return revenue 10 times faster than web or social media leads.

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