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old black rotary dial telephone - Time to modernize your phone with IP SIP trunking?

Time to modernize your phone with IP SIP trunking?

Businesses are always looking to work more effectively and cut costs. Communications isn’t the first area that people look to, but it can pay to innovate. One way is switching to IP SIP trunking.

SIP the short for session initiation protocol, a protocol for managing voice and data services using Internet protocol (IP) networks and a single data backbone. SIP applications can including anything from two- or multi-party voice chats to teleconferences, multimedia streaming, or online games.

In a business environment, SIP trunking replaces traditional phone lines and provides telephone service through the Internet connection. This can be done by either sharing the company’s lines or operating on its own dedicated connection.

Now offered by Luminet’s technicians, SIP trunking is a service with a number of benefits for users. There’s a quick set up time, long-distance calls to Canada and the U.S. are free, and there’s number portability, meaning the company’s main phone number can be kept if the business relocates to an area with SIP trunking availability.

SIP trunking also allows businesses to add phone numbers with remote area codes. That way, clients in a remote city can dial a local number and it will route the call to your business.  The call could be directed to a rep who looks after that territory or even a special voice mail greeting. HR costs can be reduced with this system, as remote branch offices would have their calls answered centrally.

If you need to expand or scale back your services to coincide with seasonal demands or a sales campaign, SIP trunking can be modified within 48 hours and with no installation costs. Since no termination equipment is required, you’ll have lower hardware costs, too.

If you’re thinking of upgrading to SIP trunking, bear in mind that your network has to be properly secured to prevent hacking and denial of service (DoS) attacks. You also need adequate network management, with an Internet connection with enough bandwidth to handle your SIP trunking services.

Since SIP trunking services are not regulated, some service providers can let you down with inadequate Internet connections, public phone network resources, or backup plans for electrical and other failures.

Luminet’s SIP services are backed by redundant servers installed in a large data centre in Toronto. Power, Internet connections, and links to the public phone network are abundant and redundant.

Interested in checking out IP SIP trunking? Drop us a line today!

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