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Top 10 Benefits Of Moving Your Business To VoIP

Top 10 benefits of moving your business to VoIP

Benefits of a VoIP system.

Find out the top 10 benefits of a VoIP system for any business.

  1. Work from anywhere and on any device: Whether at the office, at home at the cottage or power walking, your office communication system is always in your pocket or on your tablet or PC. Work from home as if you are at your desk!
  2. Single interface to manage voice/video/chat/presence: Allowing you to view the presence of colleagues, make a voice or video call or chat one-on-one or in a group. It’s all right there, all the time.
  3. Never miss a call with a desk phone in your pocket using a smartphone app: Your smartphone works the way your desk phone does with complete transparency, some feel the freedom of being untethered.
  4. Ring all your devices on an inbound call: Your calls will reach you so don’t miss that winning phone call from your new best customer.
  5. Scalable to meet your needs in minutes, not days or weeks: Businesses need to pivot on a dime and VoIP will follow the ebb and flow you need no matter what the demands.
  6. Integrate web chat and call to connect with visitors to your web site: Don’t lose precious visitors to your web site. Encourage them to click through to chat or to even speak with a representative right through your phone system.
  7. Remain up and running in the event of a power failure: Another benefit of a VoIP system is that when your office is off-line, your phone system won’t be. Callers will hear the company greeting and get routed as they would in normal times.
  8. Benefit from a constant flow of updates and improvements: With centralized management, updates are performed on the fly and you wake up to the new and improved without any headaches.
  9. Add new advanced features and functions at a fraction of the cost: Features like contact centre, call reporting and recording are set up in a snap at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.
  10. No on-premise equipment and the related server room nightmare: The scary phone rooms are a thing of the past allowing for more efficient use of your space, especially as businesses look to reduce their office footprint.

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