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Top 3 Concerns Companies Have When Switching To VoIP

Top 3 concerns companies have when switching to VoIP

Below are the top 3 concerns companies have with business VoIP and what to consider before making the move:

(1) Quality of Service: VoIP calls may be compromised by jitter, delays, echoes, and other quality issues. It’s important that your provider has a strong network and good-quality desk phones, headsets. Your VoIP provider should be able to advise you on if your current internet bandwidth is sufficient or if you will need an additional connection. They should also supply options for Quality of Service (QoS) and effective monitoring so any issues can be identified and resolved.

(2) Security: Given that VoIP services run over the internet, security needs to be addressed. Your VoIP provider should be able to outline their security measures that are in place in order to protect your business.

(3) Hassle of Switching: Moving from one service provider to another service can be disruptive for your business. The key to overcoming this obstacle is having a solid consultative sales process so that your current phone system set-up and future needs are understood, which will then translate into the set-up for the new system. Leading up to the transition of your service along with various milestones, there should be an exchange of information and documentation completed, followed by onboarding calls/meetings to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

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