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Top 3 Concerns Of Small Business In 2021

Top 3 Concerns of Small Business in 2021

A survey of 500 small businesses by Bluehost noted that 44% of respondents said acquiring new customers is their biggest concern. The economic impact of Covid-19 is a common worry among small businesses, with 30% saying it as their most pressing concern, 21% said lower sales and lower customer demand will be their leading challenge in 2021.

The results of the survey reinforce the value for small businesses to meet the new business conditions. 69% of those surveyed say the pandemic has led to them increase online marketing efforts, 54% of businesses reported a lift in web traffic since the start of the lockdowns.

The survey also shows how the pandemic has highlighted the value of having a digital presence for communication purposes. 45% said they plan to include social media links on their website, 42% of small businesses are going to update structure of their website. Making a website mobile-friendly is also high on the agenda, with 40% of participants noting this as a priority. Just under 40% of small business owners say they plan to redesign their website.

With the health crisis taking a toll on in-person shopping, small businesses are recognizing the need to sell online. 92% of the survey’s respondents said that it was important to be able to sell their products online. Almost half of small businesses (48%) say they have implemented an online store within the past 11 months.

In the end, the survey confirms that challenges are ahead for small businesses, however the responses show that by prioritizing digital marketing and e-commerce, small businesses will be well positioned for the future.


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