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Although this agency has superb offices, the majority of the team work from home. The idea of a flexible work environment without the daily commute was very appealing and for the most part, productive. Communications however was the choke point that was causing issues with the way staff communicated with clients and each other.

Clients were forced to call individual cell phones for each employee which led to some serious issues. The agency no longer controlled the flow of communications; clients and team members were frustrated, and calls were coming into team member phones at all hours of the evening and on weekends.

Worse again was when employees left the firm, customers continued to call their mobile phones which was problematic especially if that person was now working with a competitor.Installing a new VoIP system VoIP. New IP telephones were shipped to each employee’s home office, or they opted to use the softphone. Each user was assigned an extension and setup using one central telephone number. Customers never knew if employees were at the office, at home or anywhere else.

This solution provides the agency total control of all communications across the entire remote workforce with many new options available for future growth and functionality.

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