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Top VoIP Client Request

Top VoIP Client Request

You are not alone! These are the Top 5 most common client requests.


  1. I forgot my password to access my voicemail. A: With VoIP systems, passwords are quickly reset by the support team compared to traditional phone systems that required a lengthier process to remotely connect to the system or, in some cases, even a visit to the site by a technician.
  2. Can I record phone calls? A: Our VoIP solution includes call recording by individuals for their own calls and back-office call recording to facilitate coaching, quality control, regulatory requirements, and dispute resolution.
  3. My phone is not ringing: This is frequently due to a forgotten call forward that has been activated or that your extension is in do-not-disturb.
  4. My headset is not working: Headset issues are resolved through the proper connection if wired or to ensure Bluetooth is activated and that the device is paired as well as by ensuring that the headset button is active on the telephone set.
  5. We have to change our company greeting: VoIP systems allow for the upload of new greetings recording using standard recording tools or even recording into a voicemail box.

VoIP client requests


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