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A VoIP system to deliver the business mission


A fast-growing Insurance brokerage company has leveraged a top-quality team and deploying cutting-edge technology to become one of the largest and fastest-growing insurance brokerages in the industry.

But the company, whose mission is to exceed its client expectations, found its on-premises phone system was holding it back from fulfilling that mission. The legacy phone system was limiting the ability of both our in-house staff and our external agents to deliver the best service possible.

The search for a better communications solution led toa new VoIP solution.

One challenge was that the on-premises, the traditional phone system was too complicated to permit administration by staff, where even simple adjustments required the intervention of IT support or even a certified technician. Because the IT team spent so much time performing basic day-to-day support, troubleshooting issues, and responding to phone system requests, time wasn’t available to focus on proactive technology projects designed to make employees more efficient.

Monitoring calls for quality or training purposes was a very costly addition, and automated detail call reports were unavailable.

Also, the previous system did not allow employees to place calls from any phone or computer using their business number. As a result, salespeople had to forward calls to their personal cell phones when they were on the road, and if they had to transfer a call to another employee while they were away from the office, they would have to ask the caller to hang up and dial the office number. This did not align with the level of service the business was built on.

Finally, the phone system did not integrate with the CRM used by the company, which slowed the updating process for sales and customer service staff. For every call, they would have to look up the number and call history in the CRM, then dial the number manually. Then they would have to copy their notes from the call back into the client record.

The new VoIP Solution 

The feedback from the team on the new system has been very positive. The CRM integration, which allows a number to be dialed with a single click and automatically updates client/prospect records, saves a lot of time compared to the manual method used previously.

Another major improvement for the sales team is the ability to make and receive calls from the desk phone, mobile application and even from the laptop computers. This augments the level of professionalism with clients and prospects and improves overall productivity.

For the customer service group, live reporting and reporting tools are also providing valuable business intelligence that was not available previously.

Now that a communications solution that largely manages itself is in place, the focus is on improving technology that can really empower the employees to be more successful.

With the core system rolled out, time is now being invested to expand the use of other features and functions such as online meetings, business texting, team chat, E- faxing, and integrations.

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