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How VoIP Could Improve Your Customer Experience

How VoIP could improve your customer experience

How can a new VoIP phone system enhancing the customer experience when doing business with you?

There are many features that VoIP offers to improve the way you do business. Here are four ways to improve your customer experience when you have a VoIP system.

Always available

With a VoIP system, customers can reach a member of your sales or customer service team wherever they happen to be working from. Calls are directed to staff and they are able to respond on their deskphone, mobile device or computer-based softphone client. Intelligent call flows will route calls not only to an available team member but will do so based on predetermined conditions based on language and knowledge of the product or service the caller is inquiring about. In must answer situations, calls that breach the hold time will overflow to a calling group in order to ensure the client is responded to. For many businesses, missing that crucial call means a lost opportunity. A well-tuned VoIP system puts all the chances on your side.

Voicemail-to-Email helps centralize messaging

Fewer callers leave voicemail messages and some tend to check their voicemail messages less frequently. The problem with this is the chance of not getting an important message that we risk frustrating a customer and perhaps losing a sale.  Unlike traditional phone systems, which required you to dial into the voicemail system from your deskphone, a VoIP system will automatically forward a copy of the message to your email inbox. This feature places messages right where you spend a lot of time, ensuring to see that message and clicking the attached file will play it back for you.

Direct numbers to individual and departments

With VoIP, any employee or department can have a dedicated phone number. The benefits include removing the automated attendant from the process, speeding up the process for callers to reach the desired party. Another benefit is tracking managing and tracking calls related to marketing by using specific numbers and then set up call routes based on the campaign and then track the success. The flexibility of obtaining numbers also permits your business to set up local numbers with area codes of where your company does business. It gives your business a local number in remote markets and calls to these numbers are directed to your VoIP system into the desired call flow prompting the number dialled by the caller allowing you to answer the call accordingly. What’s more, direct numbers can be used as a part of a customer VIP plan or as part of emergency service.

Integration with your business CRM system

Knowing more about your customer gives your business an edge. Viewing your customer’s history with your organization helps you stand out from the competition. VoIP solutions allow you to integrate all customers’ sales and account information so when a customer calls, the team member will be able to quickly pull up that customer’s history and you will impress with the knowledge you have about past interactions.

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