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What Are 3 Myths About Remote Work?

What are 3 myths about remote work?

1. Remote work is less productive: A common concern about remote management is that staff will slack off at home. In fact, the reverse is true: many studies (such as research from Salesforce showed an 86% boost to productivity) have found that remote work is actually linked to getting more done.

2. Remote workers are disconnected: Without being in regular physical contact, you might think that employees working from home will communicate and collaborate less with each other. But this “out of sight, out of mind” is another common misnomer. Most remote employees say they communicate with their supervisor once or more per day and some say they take part in more team meetings than employees who work in offices.

Of course, communication and collaboration doesn’t happen automatically and businesses must select the best tools for communication and collaboration. Implementing an all-in-one VoIP solution for team messaging, phone calls, and video conferencing is one way to make staying in contact remotely as natural as it is at the office.

3. Remote work lacks company culture: A shared sense of purpose is important to push teams to innovate and perform their best work. But many assume that when people work remotely, company culture suffers and things like engagement, loyalty, and commitment to the job is reduced. In fact, the data suggests that company culture does not necessarily take a hit when people work remotely. When staff were sent home during the pandemic, 37% said their company culture improved and 52% said they felt more purposeful. Millennial workers were more than twice as likely as boomers to report cultural improvements.
Much like remote communication, improvements in company culture do not happen automatically for remote teams. Instilling and maintaining this common vision requires effort, including taking steps to define company culture, to share company values to remote employees, and to maintain a sense of shared purpose.
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