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Why Use Music On Hold For Your Business?

Why use music on hold for your business?

With our limited patience for waiting for anything, think Amazon, why would waiting on hold be any different. But businesses can’t easily provision resources for spikes in call activity so what becomes important is reducing the frustration for those waiting to be answered.

A survey was conducted by USA Business Telephone Today of 30,000 callers to study the effects of using music on hold for just a minute. The result showed that half the callers who were placed on hold without any audio feedback hung up. The dead air impacted the balance of the respondents’ perception of time. Over 27 percent thought their wait time was more than five minutes and 18 percent thought it over three minutes. Only 3 percent actually thought their wait time was close to the actual one-minute.

Of the 10,000 callers who heard music on hold during their one-minute wait, only 13 percent hung up and more than estimated that their wait time was less than a minute. Furthermore, the study’s final group heard a combination of music and messages while on hold. Only two percent hung up and 81 percent thought their wait time was less than a minute.

No one calls customer support unless they have a problem and it is significant enough to make a phone call in order to get it resolved. So if you care about customer satisfaction, churn rates and want to help ensure your team is responding to a less frustrated caller, music on hold should matter to you.

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