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Voip Solution Work From Home

Work From Anywhere with a VoIP system

It’s time to reimagine your telephone system into a unified communications platform; a VoIP system can do that for your business.

  • Are you frustrated with managing your telephone system?

Legacy or traditional phone systems are notoriously complicated and messy to manage. How about a system without little or no on-premise equipment and simplified management or better still, we’ll do it all for you! The answer is a VoIP Solution.

  • Would you like to be able to receive your office calls wherever you are?

This new work-from-home world has become our new work habits. It has altered dramatically and, in many ways, has shown us that there is another way. The good news is that your office phone can work to suit you and follow you around with a convenient app right on your smartphone!

  • Would you like your phone system to respond during power outages?

How many times has a power failure taken you off-line? Maybe it was a 5-minute outage, but it nevertheless caused much frustration. Not anymore. A cloud-based VoIP system is always ready to answer calls and get them through to you!

  • Are you leveraging the power of web meetings?

Are you gaining an appreciation for instant video meetings without the inefficiencies related to moving around for face-to-face meetings when often they are entirely unnecessary? How about a simple interface that brings together phone, video, chat and team presence? All from your smartphone, tablet or PC!

  • Are you managing client calls to your sales and service departments effectively?

Do your customers complain that they have trouble reaching someone or that they wait on hold or end up in voicemail? Our call management solution lets you choose how you want calls to be handled and by whom based on language or skillsets. Intelligent routing ensures no customer is lost, and then the system emails timely reports to you so you can evaluate performance. Call recording provides the opportunity for coaching and to look into complaints or communication issues.

  • Are you converting visitors to your website into clients?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could encourage your website visitors to take the next step and communicate with you? With our website chat & talk, visitors to your site can set up a chat or, if they wish to, click on the phone icon that connects them with your team following the intelligent call routing of the phone system!

Our Customer Service is ready to answer your questions. Call us at 1-866-780-2022 to find the best solution for your company. We specialize in providing VoIP solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Canada.


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