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Successful Businesses Are Embracing And Investing In Workplace Collaboration

In a recently published workplace collaboration study conducted by Metrigy, they looked at businesses’ traits achieving measurable success from their investments in workplace collaboration technologies. This global study included data obtained from 476 businesses of varied sizes and verticals, examining ROI items that include cost savings and revenue gains, as well as productivity improvements.

The five top characteristics are as follows:

  1. More is spent on IT upgrades: While the majority (56.5%) of those surveyed are increasing their IT budgets for 2021, 76.5% of successful companies are doing so. Increased investments are on collaboration security, video conferencing, team collaboration, WAN services, headsets, and other collaborative applications.
  2. They are doing a better job supporting remote workers’ needs: Successful businesses are allowing employees to create a hybrid work schedule between home and office, organize social events regularly, provide strong IT support and offer headset solutions that ensure optimum audio quality.
  3. Video is encouraged and supported actively: Successful companies use video often and invest in more devices to facilitate its use. Devices include headsets, speakerphones, webcams, executive desktop systems, and lighting. As well, video conferencing systems are being installed in all meeting rooms to support a return to the office. WAN services are also being upgraded to connect directly to cloud providers to optimize video performance.
  4. Embracing the cloud: Successful companies are twice as likely to have upgraded to VoIP phone systems while doing away with traditional premise-based systems with features that include video conferencing and team collaboration.
  5. Collaboration security: Threats against IT networks that include communications platforms are an ever-increasing concern and frequently in the news. Successful companies have a proactive security plan in place that includes the use of state-of-the-art firewalls, third-party audits, and intrusion testing.

Those wanting to improve on their ROI on communications and collaboration investments should consider these five success points and conduct their own management strategy.

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